#Egyptian Nomads


Ss’ 2018 collection, a collection close to our heart.

This collection takes us on a road trip through some of Egypt’s gems. The country that first inspired us to love art, patterns and beauty.

This collection is 100% Egyptian in terms of inspiration and production. A collection that made its debut and launch in TENT London 2017.

The fabrics are made from linen and cotton linen with a variety between digital printing and embroidery.

The products are made from brass and bamboo from some of the countries most talented artisans.

The story is born from the journal of a traveller, who wonders and wanders. It was a long awaited trip to the land of ancient and present mysteries, Egypt. A trip they wanted to memorize and freeze every moment in jars so they could come back to them and relive them more than once. The travel and experiences dictated our designs for this year’s collection. The fabrics of this collection are a tribute to this trip and thus reflect the experiences felt, seen and touched, meant to reflect and remind of feelings, scents and scenes.

The collection is divided in four the four spots visited. Each destination has fabrics and products of its own that complement each other. The fabrics entail home decore items, seats, table mats and lightings.

  1. Cairo

A city that can be described in so many words, loud, mysterious, chaotic, beautiful, rich and poor but somehow close to the heart. What struck me first is how much the city is crowded, I’ve seen the clutter of the buildings from the plane and saw how it was full of light and life. The night stroll started with a tanoura. The swirling of their colorful skirts was captivating. I learned that it’s a religious and folkloric practice where the performer aims to reach a spiritual level of purity. It’s at once a religious and superstitious culture. No Street is empty of crowded mosques and churches yet you cannot miss the amount of blue eyes and kafs to ward off bad fortune on doors, with vendors and in cars. It’s a city of contrasts and paradoxes where luxury and simplicity live side by side. Despite the urban feel of the city stumbling upon areas vastly covered with palm trees is inevitable. I couldn’t help but associate their grandeur, strong roots, beauty and generosity to the people of Cairo.



2) White Desert

The next stop was to Al-Farafra where the white desert resides. A unique desert. When The night comes the best part starts, gazing at the stars. The millions and millions of stars were glowing, illuminating the sky and the white sands mirrored their shimmering. A place that is primitive very minimal yet very rich in what it had to offer. One can only feel good energy as if the desert offers you the gift of serenity, teaching us peace and inviting us to enjoy a life so new to us. The sky in the white desert reveals its beauty with complete transparency. For one night you get to live in the shoe of ancient travellers embracing nature, having camels as your rides tents as your homes, bon fires for heat and the moon for light.




3) Nubia

A preserved culture kept intact from foreign intervention or technology invasions through-out the years. Nubians know the value of their heritage and preserve it defensively with all it takes, and it’s worth their fights. Solemnly roaming the streets is enjoyable. It’s a huge hand painted village. Piles of colorful spices can be found at every corner, smiley kids running everywhere, Nile cruises in perfectly clear water, the ambiance was extremely absorbing. It’s like being trapped in a book that you don’t want to end. The perfect blend of simplicity and heritage. The hospitality of the people was one I haven’t seen before. Nubian people are all artists from the youngest to the oldest they either make wall paintings, create handmade products or produce beautiful jewelry. We’ve seen the prettiest most genuine smiles and the most proud culture.




4) Red sea

We couldn’t miss delving into one of the world’s prettiest waters. From above and beneath the waters, the scenery is mesmerizing. The red sea is a world of its own, a treasure that reveals its beauty in silence and smoothness only to those who respect its tides and privacy. It owns a color palette that is unparalleled above the waters. Gorgeous colorful coral reefs made underwater gardens, sea creatures of all kinds were welcoming or fearing their new visitor. We walked through canyons discovering alleys and reefs as if we were roaming in streets. The calmness was magical, all you could listen to was the sound of bubbles from breathing or the sound of turtles eating. All I saw was beauty, beauty and nothing else. The magic of it is that you never know what to expect you don’t know what the waters will bring you, what you’ll see or touch or where the waters will take you but you trust that this beauty can only be peaceful.

Egypt has been like visiting different countries that all happen to be in one place. Each destination had its own ambience, colors and essence but all somehow were connected by one aura. The land of heritage, roots and history. The idea is to always carry a piece of these memories in our hearts and homes.

Photo-shoot styling: Ghufran Katatny

Photography: Wafaa Samir

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