London Design Fair

INCA&Co. was delighted to be part of the London design in September 2017, being the only Egyptian brand participating in the fair.
We’re coming out as an authentic Egyptian fabrics designer and retailer that doesn’t only sell fabrics but also lifestyle products and home accessories.
We participated in this exhibition with the objective of exploring and penetrating new markets believing that we can deliver competitive quality and designs that meet the market’s needs on a global scale.
We were also eager to present Egyptian products to new markets believing we have the edge of authenticity, originality and quality. We believe that the nomad chic spirit we are inspired from can speak to clients all around the world so people will easily relate to it.
In this exhibition we showcased our latest collection of four stories: Egyptian Nomads. The collection is inspired by a journey around Egypt where each story represents a different destination. The story names are the following: Nubia, White desert, Cairo and Red sea. It’s basically a traveler in Egypt whose experiences dictates the designs through what this traveler saw, lived and experienced. Each story has a number of fabrics reflecting. Each story will not only have fabrics that reflect its essences but also products that match each setting.




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